4” White Ice Cutthroat Special (8pack)

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These 4” White Ice tubes are designed to be smaller, deadlier lures for lake and river fishing. They succeed best when fishing for cutthroat trout, bass, and other predatory fish. These are your secret weapons when you go reservoir fishing, allowing you to absolutely attract and catch more fish than anyone else. 

Perfect regardless of the season, fish will be devouring these lures just like they were the real thing!

The unique ice design on these lures was based on the Ice Minnow, a small fish found in many rivers, ponds, and lakes. Specifically tested on smaller bodies of water and rivers, this lure will give you a useful addition to your tackle box for those “drop off the hat” fishing trips to your local lake. 

Paired with our ⅜ Baby Mackingnaw Jig Heads, these lures are sure to bring you success when fishing for cutthroat trout and bass.