5" Middle Man Tubes (3 Pack) I

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Our best-selling tubes now in a smaller size are perfect for vertical jigging from a boat or from the ice, casting, or trolling. These soft injected tubes are hands-down the best bait for large lake trout and many other freshwater fish. Our simple, soft plastic tubes are the undisputed king of lake trout lures, regardless of the season! 

Don't make the mistake of thinking these are just for ice fishing! They will reel in the biggest fish all year round. 

Our Middle Man’s are custom made to have more action in the tail than any other injected tubed and have a thicker wall to create a slower fall rate and more durability. We offer the Middle Man in a variety of colors so you can snag “Most Catches” at the end of your fishing trip. 

When paired with our custom jig heads, this powerful combo has the ability to have you reeling in fish like a pro. Whether you work the bottom or just under the ice, our Big Mama with our custom jig heads will deliver the results you’ve been looking for.