Mega glow craws, (4 pack)

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These 4.5” & 3.5”glow-in-the-dark crawdad lures are the best on the market for attracting Burbot & Trout at night. Nothing else even comes close! Made from ultra-life-like premium plastic, the fish simply devours these lures. 

Don't make the mistake of thinking these are just for ice fishing! These will reel in the biggest fish regardless of the season.

Testing at Flaming Gorge, you can trust that these little lures pack a big wallop. And with our priority Mega Glow coating, these lures will shine brighter for longer than anything else you’ll try.

If you have always wanted to try night fishing and want to bring home “the motherload” of fish, these are the lures for you. Pair them with our Send It Outdoors UB Flashlight for easy recharging, even on the darkest of nights.