Stubbys 2.75” (10 pack)

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These 2.75” tubes come in several different colors to match the prey in your local waters. Each one is made from our highest quality plastic in an injector mold to ensure consistency of thickness and durability.  
excellent for pups and smaller trout 

Fish find these lures irresistible regardless of the season! Whether you are ice fishing, fishing on a boat, or casting from the shore, fish will be casting after these tubes like their favorite meal!

The tentacles on each of these lures is specifically designed to impart a lifelike swimming action to attract Bass, Trout, Burbot, Lake Trout, and more. 

Whether you are jigging off a boat or fishing in water right under the ice, these are some of the most versatile baits available. You can drag them, hop them, swim them, flip them, or even pitch them. You’re sure to catch big and small fish in the shallow or deep water year-round with these lures. 

10 tubes per pack